M&K Crown Fashion 4-Square

Do you know the game 4-Square?

It’s a wild game with multiple rules.

The playing field (as it would be), is a large square
divided into 4 sections of smaller squares that make
up the big one.

The “King” is “4th Square” and the entry level is 1st

The aim of the game is to get to 4th Square by
knocking the current occupant out.

This is done by bouncing the ball in their square and
they are unable to stop it before it bounces out.

Then everyone moves up a square accordingly
and 4th square occupant is out.

A player that is waiting comes in to 1st square—but
if there are only 4 players, the 4th square player moves
back to 1st square.

Then there is the endless list of rules that make the game
more wild, complex and fun to play.

Some examples are:

Double Taps: This means any player can hit the ball two times in the air after
it has bounced once in her square. It’s similar to volleyball in terms of setting
up for a spike.

Black Jack: If a player can catch the ball before it lands in the square, this
means that the player who hit the ball is out.

Bobbling: This is when the ball can be bounced from hand to hand. This helps
to change the direction (mid-play). Also, the number of bobbles is often
given a limit.

The above are just a few examples.

And of course wacky variants can be
added like “No Black Jack” for 2nd Square.

It really can get crazy.

But a lot of fun too.


Something else that’s comfortable, fashionable and fun:

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