Never do this…

M&K Crown Fashion


Never do this…

Never follow trends blindly.

This goes for fashion as well as it goes for life.

Let’s start with fashion.

To take it down to the “root”, the bare basics, a certain
“trend” might not be a good fit for you.

Or for anyone.

Case in point:

Some time ago in Japan, it was “fashionable” for men to wear shoes that were a bit oversized.
How this came to be is beyond our comprehension, but so be it—it was hot, popular and trendy.

It was in ALL the magazines.

And so on.


The “trend” didn’t last long.


Word on the street is that people started having foot and knee issues.
And guess where that all came from?

Go ahead, take a guess—what do you think?


If you said shoes that fit poorly—or oversized—then you are correct.

And you win a virtual cookie.

Here you go:

M&K Crown Fashion


But that’s not all.

And that is a somewhat unique example.


But what if glasses were “trendy” and people that didn’t need glasses
started to wear them, and hurt their eyes?

What’s that you say?

“Oh, THAT would never happen. People are smarter than THAT.”


Don’t be so sure.
Don’t be so sure.
Don’t be so sure.

Oh, still you disagree?

Okay, here we go then…

Remember when you were in your younger years, and you did something foolish?

And when your parents or teachers or whoever was in charge came down on you, you-said-what?

What did you say?

You said this:

“Well.. (as you looked down and wiggled your foot at the ground)…everyone was doing it.”

And if those weren’t your exact words, you likely said something in line with that.

So there you go.

That’s the tip.

NEVER blindly follow trends.

And when your ready, explore here:


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