The yellow door…



There is a wonderful recommendation that needs to be made.

But first…

Ever heard of Ray Consindine?

He was a good friend and mentor—(I think) to Ben Gay III. Ben’s story in itself is quite amazing. Teaching business classes at San Quentin prison, only later to be an inmate there, because of MLM-ish related mail fraud. Not saying that he really committed that, and if you study the case, it’s wishy-washy, but he was found guilty and did time.


Getting off track–back to Ray.

Ray had this concept of “The Yellow Door”.

One great example of that, which Ben gave, was this one time they were at this event type thing, (sorry, I don’t have the exact details in front of me as I write this), but anyways, they were waiting in this long line to get in…

And you know…

So Ray looks around and sees this “Door” in the back, and off to the side.

And he leaves the line, goes over to the door, and knocks on it. And some janitor type answers and some dialogue between the two begins.

Moments later…

Ray waves everyone over to leave the line, and they enter the event through the
back—a “Yellow Door”.

So Ray had this concept of there always being a “Yellow Door”–a different way in.

Fast forward to…

June 5th, 2018.

Alex Banayan wrote a book (yes, that’s the recommendation—a book) based on this
“Yellow Door” concept, but from his own experiences, and therefore called it:

“The Third Door”.

In concept it is very similar to Ray’s “Yellow Door”, but in more of “Third Door” way, through the eyes and experiences of Alex.

I’m trying really hard to avoid spoilers.

But Alex was simply put, IN A RUT.

And then he had a breakthrough, which led to many other breakthroughs, interviews and experiences with Top-Level people.


Bill Gates

Warren Buffet

Lady Gaga

…and many others.


How Alex managed to put this all together, and make things happen, that is what “The Third Door” is all about.

Because business (and life), is never a straight line. But, when you understand the concept of the “Third Door”, clarity and opportunity can and will arise.


We highly recommend the book.

Because “Third Door” aside, there are many a great lesson to be obtained from it.

You will learn about:

-The Third Door concept

-Thinking Outside the Box

-Making breakthroughs when the chips are down

-Being courageous and taking action

…and more.

So here are two doors for you:

1. Open link, no affiliate commission—just an honest recommendation:


2. Something fun and comfortable:

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