Coffee Mugs…Or just mugs, when were they invented?

M&K Crown Fashion mug

Coffee mugs (mug cups or just mugs) came in to existence in the Neolithic Period.
The dates on that time frame is noted as:
3900 BC-to-1700 BC

The materials used at that time were skulls from animals or wood.
And the mugs were used for:

…and of course, water.

However, metalwork was in existence around 5000 BC, so people were using it, and
the wood and animal skulls were later replaced by lead, bronze, silver and even gold.

That’s cool—GOLD.

It is believed that these metal materials were the main material around 3000BC.

But, not an ideal material for warm drinks.
Too hot to hold, let alone drink from.

Luckily, in the Middle Ages, ceramics came into use.

Which was perfect timing for those folks during the Middle Ages, since
coffee was coming in from South-West Ethiopia.

Given that ceramic material is perfect for hot drinks, because it isn’t
affected by the warm and hot temperatures.

Also, in modern times—now–ceramic material can be beautifully decorated and
endure the modern day dishwasher without damage.

And that’s really cool!

Like this:

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