How to start your day great, even when you are feeling at your worst.

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How does one turn a bad day into a great day?

The answer is quite simple, and it is:


Hold on, don’t roll your eyes.

Because there is more to it than this simple one word answer.
There is work to be done.

But it’s nice work.

Here’s what you do:
(And a big “thank you” to Steve Harvey for this tip)

In your head, go through things that you are happy about and grateful for.

It’s fun.

And it will make you feel great.

It will turn around any “down in the dumps” attitude,
or any mindset you are in that isn’t “in-charge” and winning.

Just list them out in your head, or say them aloud, if you are in a lace where you
can do that comfortably.

Like this:

1. I am grateful for a roof over my head
2. I am grateful for food on the table
3. I am grateful for my friends and family
4. I am grateful that I have job
5. I am grateful that I have clothes to dress up in
6. I am grateful for my car (or bicycle)–or even the public transportation
system you use—whatever you do to get around
7. I am grateful I can see
8. I am grateful I can walk
9. I am grateful for the voice I have
10. I am grateful for the beautiful sunny day and nice weather.

…and you can go on.

Real easy you can do another 10-20, maybe even 50,
when you do things that are specific about you.

But even just writing those 10 examples made me start to feel great.

So get in that “power mode”.
And start your day off right.
On the offensive, not the defensive.

Any especially not a “down mood or mindset”.


And when you want to take a break,
rest well with this:

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