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M&K Crown Fashion Ink


Incredible fun and informative facts about ink.

Ink is a basic everyday product, but we use it
everyday with our pens and markers.

The tattoo industry alone has a very interesting history
of ink and it’s usage.


In Ancient Egypt, they used their version of ink for writing
and drawing on papyrus.

(“papyrus” their material for paper)

The ink they made was mostly red and black inks,
made from soot and ocher.


In some countries, especially in Asia, people avidly use brushes
and ink for the calligraphy writing.


There are even invisible inks!


Pens, brushes, printing presses,
computers…and so on.

Ink is a very valuable tool.

Because ink creates designs.

And designs can help create pleasure.


For the ladies…
(and the guys too—because it might make a great gift)

Designs and pleasure:


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